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Vlog Friends Hangout AKA Cougarpedia 9

Vlog Friends Hangout AKA Cougarpedia 9

Vlogger Hangout #10

Episode Title Edit

#WTFisCream - Dael Doesn't know. Everybody else doesn't know. But it's definitely from separating parts of cows milk into homogenous bits and the other bits. Probably.

Guests Edit

  • Holland Farkas - Host
  • Omar Najam
  • Paul Mason
  • Dael Kingsmill

Summary Edit

This hangout got off to a bit of a slow start and then devolved into madness as we played with the draw app. Much time was spent making fangs and ducks and silly things on everyone but Omar's face, who by virtue of being a ghost Pokemon was clearly immune.

Hangout Date Edit

March 31, 2015

Pictures Edit

Dael wtf is cream
Paul wtf is cream
Holland wtf is cream
Ian moldavan wtf is cream2
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