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A group of geeky vlogfriends, formerly selected by Geek & Sundry for the vlogs channel, host a weekly live hangout on a rotating host YouTube channel and band together to #SaveCougarpedia.

This is also the main information dump of all of the fan art, hashtags, private jokes, and surrounding community.<hero title="Cougarpedia" description="The vlogfriends." imagename="Wikia-hero-image" cropposition="0.3156836461126"></hero> The hashtag "SaveCougarpedia" and the invention of "Cougarpedia" came courtesy of Vlogger Hangout #6 (the 7th one) at time index 33:53 where Dael talked about Australian underground Coober Pedy and was misheard as "Cougerpedia"... and things spiralled from there.

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